Using Layers in Ez-Architect, part 2

A big advantage of using layers in Ez-Architect is to see everything on already drawn layers, but not accidentally manipulate them, while working on a new layer. This is very easy. Yes, that’s why it’s called Ez-Architect 😉

Let’s say you have designed a floor plan or room plan using an appropriate variety of layers to make it easy to work with (see Using Layers in Ez-Architect, part 1).

And now you want to add some small details like electrical wiring and outlets, maybe some light fixtures and toggles. And you don’t want them to clutter up your basic plan. In other words you want to be able to see/not see them at will.

Here are the steps:

  1. Add a new layer, call it electrical when the layer dialog pops up.
  2. Un-select the new layer by unclicking the layer’s button (beneath the menu bar).
  3. Be sure that all the floor plan layer(s) that you want to see are selected (but not the base).
  4. Go to /Layout/Layers (note that one or more layers are selected), but NOT the new electrical layer.
  5. Select Disable Selected and the selected layers will become grayed out, but visible on your screen.
  6. Click your new electrical layer number and then start adding your electrical components and wiring while looking at but not disturbing your grayed out plan.

Next time I’ll write about how to separate out layers from a plan you’ve already drawn.


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