How to Add a Custom Object to an Ez-Architect Library

Adding a custom object to an Ez-Architect Library is easy and handy if you happen to have one or more objects that you wish to use frequently. There’s no need to create it more than once. After it’s created, you can make it available to use in any of your plans.

The object can include any elements that you can draw with Ez-Architect, or otherwise get onto your plan screen. It can even include your logo (which you can import into Ez-Architect).

You can add your object to an existing library, or you can create a new library. For this tutorial we’ll create a new library.

  1. First create your object. Draw, import, make it as you wish.
  2. Then select the parts you want included by using Ctrl+clicks, or surround them with the selector tool. If the custom object parts are the only things on the screen you can use Ctrl+A to select all.
  3. Next Group the selected items so they become one object. Ctrl+G.
  4. Go to Options/Library/Create New Library.
  5. Give your Library a name and click Save.
  6. Next select the grouped object.
  7. Go to Options/Library/Add Object to Library.
  8. Select the library you want to add the object to and it will be added.

Notice that you can add the object to more than one library by following steps 6, 7, and 8 again.

To use your custom object, use the library tool and select the object from the library where you placed it.


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