Why are some items missing on my Ez-Architect printouts?

There are literally hundreds of printers available, maybe thousands. I don’t know for sure.  What’s important is being familiar with your printer as it relates to your Ez-Architect plan layout.

Missing items aren’t actually missing. Yes, you can see them on screen just fine. You just can’t see them in the printout.

Here’s why: Your printer may not have the resolution to pick up the very fine lines that you’ve drawn within Ez-Architect, OR you may not have your printer’s resolution set fine enough to print the fine details that you see on the screen.


Your Printer:

1. Play with different printers, if you have more than one. I found that my older laser printer wouldn’t print a plan very well (many lines were just shadows of their real selves), but my newer inkjet printer printed the same plan beautifully.

2. Be sure you have adequate toner or ink. My laser printer doesn’t announce that it needs toner. It just gets lighter and lighter as time goes on. A new toner cartridge usually makes me blink it’s so bright and clear after seeing the gradually changing shades of gray for so long.

3. Check the resolution settings on the printer you’re using. Most printers have so many options it can be confusing at first. Play with the settings. You may find one that works better than the others.

Your Plan:

There are some things you may have to do with your plan in order to get a proper printout.

1. First BACK UP your plan. I can’t emphasize this enough. If you don’t regularly back up your files, it’s time to set that up! Now.

2. Play with the scale. Be sure to check re-scale objects when you change the scale.

3. If changing the scale doesn’t work, go back to the original scale (or re-open your backup file)

4. You’ll need to change the line thickness you’ve been using. Ez-Architect defaults to a fine line. Select all of your lines (and any objects that aren’t printing adequately) and click a thicker line thickness and all of the selected lines will become thicker. You may want to first try this with just a few objects that aren’t printing well and if the lines aren’t thick enough in a print test, choose the next thickness, print again, et al. until you like the way your printout looks.

5. For future projects, take note of the line thickness that shows the best on your printer and begin your plan with that thickness as the default.


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2 Responses to “Why are some items missing on my Ez-Architect printouts?”

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