Keep Your Ez-Architect Stuff

We often have new versions and updates for Ez-Architect.

These are not always free and new ones will not usually work with your “old” key. We don’t make old version downloads available either (although they can be found at some download sites). That would cause mass confusion at our site.

We usually require an old key to get an upgrade for a reduced price, and we always have many folks filling out the “I lost my key” form so WE can search for their key.

Then there’s the computer/hard drive failure and the new computer. YES, everyone’s hard drive fails eventually, and all of us are eager for that next new machine. But oh no!  We lost our key and our download files because we didn’t back up or save the file externally to our machine.

Here’s the thing. If you bought software in a box, you would carefully shelve it along with any special keys you need to make it operate. Why would you treat downloaded software any differently? Especially software you paid for. You bought it, you got a file and a key. Why aren’t these worth safeguarding?

So back up Ez-Architect on a CD or two AND write the key or print the email with the key and keep it with the CD. Label the CD with the version number and write the key on the CD, too. So when you get a new machine or your drive fails, you’ll be able to reinstall your version without a problem. And when you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll have the key for that, too.

We’ll hunt for your key and hopefully find it for you. No guarantees about that (the hunt can sometimes be a challenge). We aim to keep our admin time low so we can keep our prices low. You know the deal. More admin time >> higher prices.

Here’s a new dialog that will appear in future versions. You’ll see it after you enter your key.

Thank you for your purchase.
Please read the following and follow the instructions to insure your ongoing use of this software.
1. Print or write down your key and put it ON PAPER where you can find it.
2. Make a backup of the install (zip) file that you downloaded and store it on a CD and a Flash drive or on two CDs with another copy of your key. Store them thoughtfully and label them with details.
3. Take care of the download file and the key the same way you would care for software purchased in a box. (You would not throw away the boxed software or lose the key.)
We have frequent updates and a variety of versions of this software.
If you lose your download we cannot guarantee that you can get that version again.
If you lose your key we cannot guarantee that we can find it again for you.
Your computer and/or hard drive will crash eventually (they all do); or you will get a new computer (eventually we all do).
You’ll need to reinstall the program on your new drive or new computer. You’ll need this key and the version you just downloaded.
So be happy and be responsible for your purchase. Thank you.


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