How To Work with the Ez-Architect Home-and-Office-Library File

We have an add on module for Ez-Architect that adds dozens of home and office library objects to your Ez-Architect library resources. A unique feature of these objects is their 2½-D quality. Many of them will enable you to make 3-D simulations of your plans. And a special template will assist you if you want to draw your own 2½-D objects. Not true 3-D, so we call it 2½-D.

The library download is a file that you simply unzip and place in a convient directory. Some folks have tried to install this as a program. But it’s basically a data set that just needs to be unzipped into its own directory.

First be sure you know the default location where your downloads land — this might be on your desktop or in a directory called Downloads. This default location is handled by your browser. If you’re not sure, look in your browser defaults/options to find the name and path of your default download directory to identify the download location.

After you download, we suggest that you unzip it to a directory just beneath the original Library directory folder which installed with the program.  If you installed the program with the default locations your file system should look something like this after you unzip the Ez-Architect Home-and-Office-Library library:

Of course you can put the library anywhere on your computer that you wish. However, we suggest putting it just beneath the included library so that it’s easily accessible when you’re ready to add library objects. The program defaults to the Library directory, so your Home-Office-Library is only one click away.


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