Soon you will be able to re-access your Key Automatically

I’ve been working on setting up a database that will include all Ez-Architect users and their keys. You’ll be able to enter your unique identifying information and have your key emailed to you automatically. And although we “beg” you to print and keep electronic copies of your key and your download file, many of you never get organized enough to do it, so your computer crashes, or you get a new one and suddenly you have no key.

This will automate the process, which previously required human intervention (mine). You’ll be able to get your key (by email) within a few seconds of entering your identifying information.

We will also start using this for upgrade ordering criteria. Currently all you need is a key; soon you will need your key and your identifying info in order to upgrade.

If you’ve gotten a new email address, or forgot which one you used to order, you can notify us of the change (through the new form), and we’ll update the database file.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.


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