Should I buy the Key or the Full Version?

Ez-Architect is easy to buy. Easy to try. There isn’t a lot of difference in purchasing the key or the full version. It all comes out the same way. And it costs the same: $19.99

Here is what’s the same: Ez-Architect requires a key whether you purchase the “full version” or the key alone. In both cases you’ll download the demo and then enter the key.

Here’s the difference:

  • If you buy the key, you’ll need to download the demo as a separate activity from here.
  • If you buy the full version, you’ll get a link to the same demo download with your receipt. You’ll still need to download the demo via the link, install it and then enter the key.

It all adds up to the same thing. Many people like to try out the demo first, as no purchase is required. Once they decide they want to save, export and print, and do other functions that the key unlocks, then they simply purchase the key and input it under the Help menu. No additional installing is needed.

Note also, that if you do purchase the full version and have any trouble with the link, you can always download the current demo version of the program at any time. You just need to make sure you have your key to turn it into the full version.

Note also that we do not provide a CD or any type of physical version of the program. We strongly recommend that you burn your own CD as a backup, and add a file with your key information so that when you get a new computer or hard drive, you’ll have everything you need (the program file and the key) so you can install and fully use Ez-Architect once again .



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