How the Flood Created and Island, Part 2: Oh, the Suspense

[It’s been a busy couple+ weeks here. Sorry about the delay.] The story continues.

Horrified we stared at the huge amount of water.

There were at 2 visible inches of water–maybe more, but who had a ruler at that moment–water all over the kitchen floor, not to wonder about where that water was flowing to and had flowed to for the last half hour. Of course, the kitchen floor isn’t like a container with sides; like most floors it has no edges, but continues smoothly without changing levels into the adjacent rooms. So the water didn’t stop at the doors. Oh no, it was seeping into the dining room via the carpet and into the hall carpets, and it wasn’t stopping.

First I found the culprit: the water filter under the sink, cracked and spraying water like some kind of pressure washer. I crawled under the wet sink and turned off the cold water, and then silence. But what next? I ran for the towels. I couldn’t think of anything else. In fact, every towel in the house was quickly on the kitchen floor. And there weren’t enough towels to begin to sop up the water. But the problem didn’t stop there.

Now most of us know that water tends to not go sideways when it can find a way to go down, and even though that kitchen floor looked solid, it didn’t fool the water. The water found its way down through the floor, down into the ceiling downstairs, in fact it found it’s way into the ceilings of three different rooms downstairs.

Never having been in a situation like this before, we really were stumped. So we called our handy dandy handyman, thinking he might have some magical cure. In other words, a disaster like this was way outside my experience. Turns out that he wasn’t something he could just handyman his way through. But happily he knew the people we should call.

So that night I learned about restoration specialists. I had never really heard of one before. Why would I? Unless something like this happens to you, you won’t ever have need of one of these! Not that they aren’t nice and yes they do have amazing devices to fix things up. And they work 24-7. So within an hour, several workers were swarming all over the damaged areas, setting up devices that suck water out of the air, pulling up the edges of the wet carpets, and generally turning a huge mess into some kind of organized chaos.

Thus began about 3 months of “restoration.”


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One Response to “How the Flood Created and Island, Part 2: Oh, the Suspense”

  1. Handyman in London Says:

    handymen are allways the most convenient people! i remember when we had a burst pipe, just one phone call we had to make! he came straight round and fixed it!

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