How to Change Your Output Parameters in Ez-Architect

How do I print in Landscape mode?

How do I switch from Landscape (letter size) to larger size (e.g. 11 x 17)?

When you’re drawing a plan in Ez-Architect, you’ll want to predetermine, as much as possible, what the final shape and size of your plan will be and how you want it oriented on a printout.

If you have a large, detailed plan, you probably won’t want the whole thing jammed onto one sheet of paper. If you plan ahead as much as possible, you won’t have to resize and rescale your drawing and its objects. But never fear, if your foresight isn’t perfect, you can resize and rescale everything.

Please note: I strongly suggest that you save your plan often as you go through these steps so that you don’t lose your work, or mess it up without having the last good version saved. Save often with different names so you have a good trail of the changes.

If you know you want your drawing to print in landscape mode, use File/Page Setup and set your page to landscape. This orients your plan on paper, and also modifies the screen parameters so that your screen also looks like a landscape sheet.

Ez-Architect defaults to a one page drawing. So if you know you want your drawing spread over several pages, like 11 x 17, for example, then you’ll use the Layout/Drawing Size menu to resize your plan to 1 x 2 pages.

Now, if you’ve already drawn your plan, or even part of it, you may want to change the drawing scale to match the larger parameters of your plan. To change the scale so that what you’ve drawn fills the larger drawing size, go to Layout/Drawing Scale and then change the scale so that what you’ve already drawn fills the new size. Be sure to check the check box to Rescale Objects.

If you’ve made your drawing larger because you need to just move beyond the current edges of the drawing size that you started with, don’t change the scale. Just add pages with the Layout/Drawing Size menu. Then you can extend your drawing beyond the edges of what you started with, drawing outside the lines, if you will.

Since most printers print only 8.5 x 11, if your drawing is larger on screen, after you print you’ll need to tape together the pages so you have a full rendering of your plan.

What is your experience with plans of many pages?


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