What’s this about Version 6.2 (Ez-Architect)?

I was born to cause you great confusion I suppose.

Ez-Architect was updated this week to version 6.2. Notice I said updated, not upgraded. There is only one eensy, weensy thing changed. And you can’t even see it. Not really.

But it might affect you.

How can that be? I say, how can it not? We only do the things in Ez-Architect that affect you, even though we might do them for our own convenience (or perhaps for our amusement). And it affords us  this great opportunity to tell you about it.  So that you can read and hope that it never matters to you. It’s one of those kinds of things. I’m going to explain this in as complicated a way as I can so that if it ever does matter to you, you can refer back here and scratch your head again (vigorously)!

How’mi doing so far with saying nothing at all useful?

Okay, here goes.

The change in Ez-Architect 6.2 is only about the server Ez-Architect connects to when you register. If you’re not familiar with servers, they’re just powerful (hopefully) computers that live in a big server farm somewhere with lots of other servers and they serve up websites, store stuff when you register (like your serial number/PIN code), etc. Not going to say more than that here (look it up if you care). Anyway Ez-Architect 6 connected to server A and Ez-Architect 6.2 connects to server B.

Now if you’ve already downloaded version 6 (I don’t know if there was ever a version 6.1) and already registered all of your serial numbers and you never get a new computer, and your hard drive never breaks down, and you have no desire to upgrade to yet another version of Windows, you can ignore this whole post. (Yes. I know that’s kind of like saying …the NSA respects your privacy…)

If, however, you ever need to reinstall Ez-Architect, for whatever reason, you’ll probably want to read on.

First, you might want to check your Help/About menu to see what version you have. What version you already have can matter, just a little, and it’s about how carefully you should read on.

Now a few of you have already gone through this with me:

“I got a new computer/OS/drive and now I can’t register my Ez-Architect serial number. It tells me it’s already in use.”

When this happens We have to contact the “keeper-of-the-keys” and request them to unlock your serial number so you can register again. This has worked for everyone so far with version 6. So far so good.

Now, let’s say you have version 6 and you dutifully saved it to a DVD or CD so you would ALWAYS have a copy of what you purchased (following my excellent instructions in our welcome email). But next week or next month or even next year it’s reinstall time (for whatever reason).

So you reinstall Ez-Architect (ver 6) and try to register again. And we ask the “keeper-of-the-keys” to unlock your key. Wellllllll, that would have worked until last Thursday. And even if the keeper unlocks your key, your version 6 will not connect to the new server.

Sooooo, what you have to do is download version 6.2, install it, try to connect to the new server, whereby you will get a message that your key is already in use, so you’ll have to request that it be unlocked.

This will all work: download and install Version 6.2, request that we unlock your key at the new server if you get an error message (you will) when you try to register, then when we notify you that your key’s unlocked, register again.

So you might want to download version 6.2 right away and never have to think about this again (except if you get a new computer/drive/OS). But then you’ll all be plaguing me to get your keys unlocked so you can register the new version.

But hey, I’m here to serve. Just go ahead on it.


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