How to Email us for Software Support

We try to make our programs easy to use. But sometimes you might need a little extra help. We are happy to provide help, but you need to help us help you. Brief messages only confuse us.

The most important thing to remember is to provide LOTS of INFORMATION  when you write. Remember, we don’t know what you’re trying to do, or even what software you’re talking about. We do wish to help, but sending messages that don’t give enough information make us clueless. Sending LOTS of information makes providing you with support a pleasure for both of us. (And who doesn’t want more pleasure in their life…)

Emailing cryptic messages like:

A. “my key doesn’t work”


“the program doesn’t work”

For example A, instead of the cryptic message, tell us something like this: I was using Firefox version 579 and visiting this page on your website, e.g. I entered my old key [write out what you entered exactly how you entered it] and I got this message:

[copy and paste the message]

that showed up on this page:

[copy and paste the URL of the page you landed on]

OR if you entered your key into the program, give us the version of the program, the full key data and any messages you got after you entered it.


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