Registration Errors with Ez-Architect Version 7

Version 7 of Ez-Architect was released on 9-1-2014.  If you’ve made your purchase after that date, your key will be for version 7.

Our users often acquire our demo from various download sites. We have made the new version available on as many download sites as possible so that you can download from your favorite(s). However, since the interwebs are what they are, not every site is going to be up to date; Not every site is properly operating when we notify them that there’s a new version; Not every site crawls their associated download vendors’ files often enough to keep their file links up to date. (I could get into the technology of how all of this works. But you really don’t want to hear it.  And I don’t much want to write it.) Anyway, we do our best, spend a lot of time getting the info about the new version up “there.” But the process is imperfect.


Maybe you downloaded a demo prior to September first. And now you’re getting around to buying the key. Or you got a copy from your uncle or co-worker. And who knows when they downloaded it. So you installed the demo and liked Ez-Architect. And now you’ve purchased the key and you get the error:


Oh, the humanity. You just spent your hard earned cash. Took the leap and entered your key and you get a shock that makes you lost faith in the joy of software. What could you have done wrong!!! Not you! The seller must have screwed up. They’re selling me keys that don’t work!

Sooooo, who should we blame???

You got the shocking message: YOUR KEY IS INVALID

And if you’re stubborn you got it more than once because you kept trying to enter it hoping the message would change. But alas, same message: YOUR KEY IS INVALID (maybe not in caps).

Here’s a clue, entering an invalid key over and over won’t change it to a key that will work! Ya think?

You may even have a key from an earlier version. I’ll try that, you tell yourself. Same message. No joy.

Well, here it is: it’s not the key that’s invalid. It’s the version that’s incompatible. Version 7 keys work only with Ez-Architect Version 7. Version 6 keys only work with Ez-Architect version 6. Shall I go on?

So, if you get an error, be assuredly sure that the demo version you have installed is Version 7. If not, UNinstall the old version. Download version 7 from here: Then enter your version 7 key. Oh, by the way, be sure you have only ONE instance of Ez-architect open when you enter your key.


2 Responses to “Registration Errors with Ez-Architect Version 7”

  1. Lloyd Howlett Says:

    On Jan 19,2015 I downloaded and purchased Version 7 of Ez-Architect. I had input the key and everything was working great. On the weekend I purchased a new computer and re-installed Ez-Architect and when I go to enter the key it tells me that the “serial number is registered already. Can you help?


    • 4homedesign Says:

      Yes, I can help. The message you received was correct. Your serial number was already registered. Each computer requires its own key. Full instructions on how to obtain addtional keys are here:
      If you have retired your original computer and removed Ez-architect from it (before passing it along for someone else to use, for example), we can de-register your original key so you can use it on your new computer. You need to email us via our and provide us with this information: your original key and the email address you registered with, and certify that Ez-Architect will only be used on one computer.

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