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Scanning Objects into Ez-Architect

February 26, 2012

Ez-Architect actually doesn’t have an acquire function whereby you could bring in an image directly from your scanner. However, it’s easy enough to bring a scanned image in.

  1. Scan your image with your favorite scanner and scanning software.
  2. Save the scanned image to your computer as a bmp, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, wmf, emp, png, awl, iwl, lwl. Remember its location on your computer and its name.
  3. Use Ez-Architect’s Library Tool to bring the image into your plan.

Put the scanned image on its own layer, if you have an empty layer available. This will enable you to include the image with other layers of your choosing.

Examples of items you might want to scan are logos, clip art photographic images like landscape items or examples of details for your plan, maybe a window or door detail, kitchen appliances, furniture ideas, swatches, or even your face “the designer!” You can enhance a floor plan with these types of details just off to the side of your drawings. You can also scan and import library objects and save them in one of your libraries.

Note: images you import, whether they are scanned or are existing graphics or photos, cannot be manipulated the way you manipulate Ez-Architect objects. They can be stretched and resized, but you can’t change individual parts or colors.

Another great use for a scanned image is a floor plan or idea that you want to use as a starting point for your own plan. Or you may have a plan that you sketched on a napkin, or one that you made with other software (print it and then scan it). Or how ’bout the original plan for your house? You can start with these for your remodel.

You might also find sketches in a magazine or floor plan book, or even an interior setting that you want to arrange your way. Be careful of copyright issues here. Someone owns those plans, but you can probably use them as starting points for your own ideas. Scan the plan, save it, then import it to its own layer, set the settings so that the layer shows along with other layers. And then make the modifications on a new layer to create a new plan that is your own.

What ideas do you have for scanned images?  How have you used them with Ez-Architect?

Easily Share Your Ez-Architect Plans

October 17, 2011

Ez-Architect 5 has several easy ways to share your plans with people who don’t have the Ez-Architect program.

Earlier versions also have sharing capabilities, but not all the formats that are available  in version 5.

Create your plan and save it as a regular Ez-Architect file (*.aad). You must do this if you want the to be able to modify your plan at any time in the future.

First find out what type of files your recipient is able to read. You can have them choose from:

  • bmp
  • jpg/jpeg
  • png
  • tif
  • emf
  • wmf
  • PDF

Most internet users can download Adobe reader to read a PDF file, as this is a common and easy way to share information. There are also free graphics programs that can read pretty much any type of graphics file. So this may also be a useful option, depending on whom you’re working with.

Go to the Export menu under File. A save dialog will open. Save your file in an export format that your recipient can read, and save it where you can find it later on your computer. Use your email program and send the file as an attachment. Once your recipient  receives the email, s/he can open the attachment and peruse your work.

This feature is especially useful if you are a professional and need to easily share your design ideas to your client. If you are doing collaborative work can share, get feedback, modify, share again etc.

Ez-Architect is so easy to use (and inexpensive), that you can also suggest that your clients and collaborators get a copy of their own. Then they can modify your designs and send them back to you and you can continue the exchanges back and forth until you’re ready to finalize a plan.

If you haven’t upgraded to Ez-Architect 5, you can do so by following this link.  You will need your Serial Number/Pin Code from a previous version before you can upgrade. If you need help finding your code, click here.


New clipart library

December 9, 2008

We just finished our Clipart Library: Home Design and More, which has home design images, website design images like buttons and menus, tree images, train images, and even fishing images.

It’s compatible with any PC or Mac program that can import images (such as MacDraft or our PC best-seller, Ez-Architect) and it has 2471 clipart images in 37 folders.

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