How to Add Your Logo to your Ez-Architect Plan

If you are a professional using Ez-Architect to draw plans for your clients, or you’re just proud of your personal Ez-Architect plan and want to embellish it with your own special logo or mark, you can easily do this with Ez-Architect.

Method 1 — Pasting

Depending on the size and resolution of your logo, you may have to re-size it in Ez-Architect after pasting. I just did a test and mine came in HUGE. But it’s easy to change its size, even if you can’t find the handles.

  1. Copy your object from your graphics program
  2. Paste it into Ez-Architect (ctrl+v)
  3. Select the object.
  4. Click Object Properties under Options.
  5. Click on the Change Dimensions button.
  6. Take note of the current Aspect Ratio. Ballpark numbers will do.
  7. Change the two dimensions so that your object will be smaller on the screen.
  8. Click OK and your object will be smaller.
  9. Use the handles or use object properties again to size appropriately.

Method 2 — Use the Library/Image Tool

This may be a cleaner way to get your logo into your drawing. Use the Library Tool.

  1. Select the Library tool
  2. Drag a rectangle approximating the shape of your logo
  3. At the resulting Open dialog that appears, select ‘All Files’ in the ‘Files of Type’ dropdown
  4. Locate your logo on your computer and select it
  5. It will pop into your rectangle
  6. Resize it appropriately

You can import any just about any image type into your drawings with the Library Tool.


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