Don’t Let your Ez-Architect Layers Fool You

Ez-Architect is very dynamic when it comes to layers. You can enable them, disable them, look at any number of them at once (enabled and/or disabled).

You may get confused at times if you are looking at more than one Ez-Architect layer and trying to move an object that you can see, but is on a disabled layer. You may think that something crazy is happening. It’s not.

We suggest that before you work with layers on a detailed plan, that you play with layers. Enable several layers and give them useful names. Then start placing objects of each of them. Disable some, but still view them and see what happens when you try to select something on a disabled layer. Look at the base layer and see what happens when you move something on a disabled layer. What happens when you try to move it when looking at that disabled layer along with one that’s enabled.

The function is very dynamic, but can be confusing when you first use it. Have fun with it while you’re learning. You’ll find it very useful when you create your floor plans and house plans.

We have had suggestions for making layers even more dynamic including being able to reorder them. All suggestions are welcome–for layers or other parts of the program–as it does get updated to new versions fairly regularly. So let us know your ideas.


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