Remove that Ugly Glaring Skylight & Create Something Beautiful

We just got a new roof and it turned out that our hall skylight needed parts that couldn’t be found. We had never used the skylight anyway. We’d always covered it with fabric because we found it to be too harsh and glaring. It was a pretty big one, about 44″ by 16″ –not one of those little portholes.

Opportunity knocks

What to do. It was actually an easy decision. Cover the skylight hole with the new roof. But then we have this big “well” in the ceiling. I didn’t know what else to call it since ceilings don’t usually have “holes” up to the roof. Anyway, “ceiling well” seemed as good a descriptor as any.

The obvious isn’t always the best

Initially we decided to just have the hole insulated appropriately and add ceiling board and texture. Although this is not a bad solution, it wasn’t a beautiful one. It wasn’t interesting and it was boring.

Add a Mobile

We decided to put a mobile in the well. Add power, lights, fans, whatever it would take to highlight it. We found a wonderful mobile that delights us every time we walk through the hall. It’s lighted itself and we only had to add a small fan to keep it active.

I bet you’d like to see it. I couldn’t resist shooting it day and night, as it gets more dramatic as the daylight wanes.

Now isn’t that a LOT better than an old glaring skylight?


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